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Catowoman in the Gotham Pilot

Selina Kyle:
*is twelve*
Selina Kyle:
*owns goggles*
Selina Kyle:
*pickpockets random people*
Selina Kyle:
*feeds stray cats*
Selina Kyle:
*climbs shit*
Selina Kyle:
*has cute hair*
Selina Kyle:
*watches from a distance*
Selina Kyle:
*somehow steals the whole show without saying a single line*

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Put Your Number In My Phone [Official Video, Directed by Grant Singer]

'Put Your Number In My Phone' by Ariel Pink is the first single from new album ‘pom pom’, released the week of 17th November 2014 via 4AD.

Sounds like this might be a good album based on the first single.  Interesting video - a guy (our man Ariel),  bedecked in aqua cowboy hipster clothes wheels a friend around a mall and tries to hit on beautiful women.  We don’t hear what he says to them but they seem to take offense.  Whether they think he’s creepy or he just has no game or whether he needs to be working his lines on less attractive women or they are just horrible people who hate people in wheelchairs is left to the viewer to suss out.

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The perfect song to wave goodbye to a horrible summer with its beheadings, police shootings, riots, Putin the Pitiless and Ebola ‘14.

Plastic Flowers are a dream pop duo based in Thessaloniki, Greece and consist of George S. and Angel P.  This is from their debut album released in 2014 (although the song has been around a few years)

(Source: Spotify)

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